Chris Kern: Essays and Photographs

Heron at Great Falls, Potomac, Maryland
C&O Canal National Historical Park, Potomac, Maryland, USA


A Farewell Message to the Voice of America Staff.  Some parting words

Jefferson's Dome at Monticello.  The most radical architectural feature of the Virginia home of the third president of the United States

(Not) My Word (After All)! In which I discover I can’t always believe what I read on the Internet—even when I write it myself

The Real First Broadcast of the Voice of America.  A belated correction

Reality Check.  Ambiguity and ambivalence in digital color photography

Restoring an Icon: The Memphis Belle.  The history and meticulous restoration of the iconic World War II American heavy bomber

The Memphis Belle: A 2015 Update.  A progress report on the restoration of the iconic military aviation artifact

The ‘Old Woodsfield House.’  Identifying a building from a 100-year-old photograph using Google Maps

The Voice of America: First on the Internet.  How the Voice of America became the first broadcasting network in the world to offer continuously-updated news on the public Internet

Weird Processing: The Collision of Computers and Cultures at the Voice of America.  The occasionally painful transition to multilingual word-processing from typewriters and handwriting


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C&O Canal National Historical Park (2012-2017)
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Prague and Budapest (2014)
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Santa Fe (2009-2015)
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San Miguel de Allende (2017)
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Taipei, Tokyo, and Kyoto (2017)
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Xplage.  Convert telemetry from a popular flight simulation program into a “moving map” display in Google Earth